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the older I get, the more I understand squidwards anger

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High-School Teachers:You need to be professional when you go to college. High-School dress-code reflect what COLLEGE classes expect you to wear.
Actual College Student:I know this class is at 5:00 pm, but I'm wearing pajama pants and a tank top.
Actual College Professor:lol same.
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the dog days are over, the cat days are beginning

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if mermaids exist i hope they stay hidden because we’re just gonna end up killing them like we do everything else

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"Don’t take ~chemicals~ like prozac, I heard you can get the same effect by eating 19 oranges a day, that’s only 570 oranges a month!!!"

"Yeah I know you have horrible panic attacks but like, have you tried yoga?"

"Yeah I understand depression completely stops you from doing everyday tasks AND that you then feel guilty about that… But you have to just power through it and get on with things as normal!"

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Olivia Benson, the most influential woman of my early adulthood, telling you what’s up.

idk i tried to scroll past this but it’s too perfect

if you don’t love benson you’re wrong

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"Anyone who takes the time to be kind is beautiful."
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